Substack: Second Rough Draft

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On the Voting Machine Libel Suits, Hold the Schadenfreude 2/18/21

What’s With All Those Retirements in Journalism? 2/25/21

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Why Celebrating the “Power of Print” Can Be a Mistake 3/11/21

How to Cover a Normal Presidency 3/18/21

Is Journalism Inherently Progressive? 3/25/21

Before Communities Need News, They Need Information 4/1/21

Memo to Tribune Rescuers: First Thing You Do, Stop Printing the Papers 4/8/21

SPACs Are Not a Business Model 4/15/21

The Pandemic Mistakes Journalists Need to Be Thinking About Include Our Own 4/22/21

As Evening TV News Shows Resume Their Decline, Some Suggestions From a Text Guy 4/29/21

Four Phrases From Old School PR Worth Abandoning 5/6/21

The Facebook Supreme Court’s Trump Decision: What’s Been Missed 5/13/21

What Do Our News Values Mean Now? 5/20/21

Needed: Local Funding for Local News 5/27/21

A Local News Tree Grows in Britain 6/3/21

Why Are Social Media Policies So Hard for Newsrooms? 6/10/21

The Lab Leak Theory, UFO’s and Known Unknowns 6/17/21

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