On Journalism

Not Shutting Up: A Year of Reflections of Journalism (2020)

Non-Profit Journalism: Issues Around Impact (2013)

Why American Newspapers Gave Away the Future (Now and Then Reader, 2012)

Restless Genius: Barney Kilgore, The Wall Street Journal, and the Invention of Modern Journalism (St. Martin’s, 2009)

Conversation with Sarah Alvarez of Outlier Media (Media Impact Funders, 10/15/21)

New England Journal of Medicine weekly COVID podcast (9/30/21, begins at ~ 15:00)

What I Learned from the Nonprofit News Revolution (Columbia Journalism Review, 6/25/21)

Drew Pearson, the Muckraking Journalist With the Bully Pulpit (New York Times, 6/1/21)

Less on politics, more on how government works (or doesn’t) (NiemanLab, 2020)

The Real Story About Trump’s Latest Attack on the Press (ProPublica, 2/27/20)

A constraint of the reader-revenue model emerges (NiemanLab, 2019)

Remarks accepting the Newmark Journalism Award (4/11/19)

The Platforms’ Power Demands More Readers’ Attention (NiemanLab, 2017)

The Country Doesn’t Trust Us– But They Do Believe Us (NiemanLab, 2016)

Donald Trump and the Return of Seditious Libel (ProPublica, 11/21/16)

Don’t compromise standards to please funders (American Press Institute, 4/20/16)

The sky is falling on print newspapers faster than you think (Medium, 1/20/16)

The Press Grapples With Demagoguery (NiemanLab, 2015)

A conversation at the Nieman Foundation (Nieman Reports, April 2015)

The Time a Newspaper Stared Down the Country’s Largest Advertiser (ProPublica, 4/22/15)

Living on Borrowed Time (NiemanLab, 2014)

Sound, Fury and the IRS Mess (ProPublica, 5/21/13)

Friend of the Court: How Anthony Lewis Influenced the Justices He Covered (ProPublica, 3/27/13)

The best books on the changing business of journalism (Five Books, 2011)

Someday the sun will set on SEO– and the business of news will be better for it (NiemanLab, 3/9/11)

Why WikiLeaks’ ‘War Logs’ Are No Pentagon Papers (ProPublica, 7/26/10)

How Newspapers Once Survived Near Death (Daily Beast, 1/30/09)

The Dominant Journalist Of Our Defining Era (New York Sun, 6/6/06)

The Rise and Fall of Journalism in Early America (New York Sun, 3/1/06)

Does It Even Know What It’s Selling? (Columbia Journalism Review, 12/2/05)

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