In its first year, Gallatin Advisory has had the honor of working on behalf of 16 different clients, including directly with seven funders and 17 news organizations. These engagements have included the following assignments:

Advising a local news nonprofit and its leading funders on adding additional locations, including updated governance

Advising a journalism funder on positioning and communications issues

Advising a for-profit news org on opportunities for philanthropic funding

Advising non-profit news organizations on strategic alternatives

Leading a Board retreat on strategic issues for a local news nonprofit

Advising a news nonprofit on restructuring top management for growth

Advising an early stage local news nonprofit on operational questions

Assisting in the launch of a local news nonprofit, including advice in recruitment and selection of a CEO

For a funder, reviewing the most innovative journalism and effective engagement in recent municipal elections

For a funder, assessing alternative models of top management for news nonprofits

Advising a journalism funder on strategic opportunities for impact

Advising a news nonprofit on ethical concerns

Advising a global news nonprofit on building awareness in the US

Advising an early stage news nonprofit on building its Board

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